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| August 4, 2016

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(Applicable sales tax not included.)

There are many things I do myself to protect my identity. Like shredding my mail or ordering the free annual credit reports. That kind of thing helps but I know that my identity is out there scattered in bits and pieces where I’ll never be able to get it back.

I’ve done things like:

  • Online shopping (a lot!)
  • Internet banking
  • Checked cell phone accounts online
  • Checked my brokerage account on public wi-fi with my laptop and phone
  • Gave my information to employers, doctors and schools
  • Have a driver’s license

All these things and more have entered my personal information into a database. It’s a fact: database files get stolen or lost almost every single day. Cyber attacks are a huge concern and not just for spying on other countries. Thieves are going after identities – in a BIG way.

Identity theft wasn’t such a problem 20 years ago. Back in the 90’s, most people did very little financial tasks on the computer. I still paid cash or wrote checks at the grocery store! Thieves resorted to getting identities the old fashioned way by stealing mail, sifting through dumpsters for files that were thrown out or stealing files at work.

Things started to change 10 years ago as I got more savvy with technology and wanted instant electronic payments to be processed. It all started to feel very familiar and so safe – everyone else is doing it right?

Then free wifi access became easy to find and I occasionally started drinking coffee and surfing the web – I definitely have done it at the airport. This is potentially dangerous because thieves are lurking in public wifi hoping to steal some valuable financial passwords and info.

Because of the huge data breaches at Anthem health and even government agencies, awareness levels of id theft have gradually started to rise. I think that was a big eye opener.

Having a company like LifeLock watching my back is a huge time saver. Plus, they have the ability to patrol areas that would be difficult for me as an individual to do besides the fact that I’d have to pay for those services. Things like patrolling the web for illegal use of my information, checking and savings accounts alerts, public database scanning and a monthly credit score from Transunion.

One of the biggest benefits of membership is that it has priority access to an identity theft specialist 24/7/365. Knowing someone is there to help every step of the way through id theft is comforting. A LifeLock Ultimate Plus promotion code saves some money while giving access to the best identity protection available.


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